Scientific publications and public reports produced by the project:

Anna Grabowska "Examples of Educational Projects in Pomerania Regions: ABLE, KNOW, Rural-eGov, Trainer Academy" (Polish), in the Proc. of the IV Symposium Distance Learning - Methods and Tools, Gdynia, Poland, 22-23 October 2007, pp. 67-74

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N. Manouselis, K. Kastrantas "Agricultural Learning Repositories and Metadata Application Profiles" 8th Agricultural Ontology Services (AOS) meeting, Food & Agriculture Organization (FAO), Rome, Italy, 21-22 September 2007

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Dariusz Dobrowolski, Anna Grabowska, Pascal Lafourcade "The Concept of Developing E-learnung Repository - Metadata and Group Work" (English), in the Proc. of the ICETA 2007, 5 th International Conference on Emerging e-Learning Technologies and Applications, The High Tatra, Slovakia, 6-8 September, 2007 pp. 217-220

N. Manouselis, A. Tzikopoulos, C. Costopoulou and A.B. Sideridis, "Training Rural SMEs on using e-Government Services", in the Proc. of the EFITA/WCCA 2007 Conference on "Environmental and rural sustainability through ICT", Glasgow, UK, July 2007

A. Tzikopoulos, N. Manouselis, C.P. Yialouris and A.B. Sideridis, "Using educational metadata in a learning repository that supports lifelong learning needs of rural SMEs", in the Proc. of the EFITA/WCCA 2007 Conference on "Environmental and rural sustainability through ICT", Glasgow, UK, July 2007

M. Lambrou, I. Theotokas, N. Marianos and G. Perris, "E-Government Services for the Development of Small & Medium Enterprises in Rural Areas: The Rural-eGov Approach", in the Proc. of the RuralLEARN Conference on "Lifelong Learning for Rural Europe", Chios, Greece, 24-27 June 2007

Anna Grabowska "Valorisation of European Projects Results - Case Study" (English) EDEN Annual Conference NEW Learning 2.0? Emerging digital Territories, Developing continuities, New divides , Naples, Italy, 13-16 June 2007

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